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Store More in Your Kitchen

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Control clutter with these effective tips.

Storage Tips 1-5

So much stuff, so little room. Stuff you need, such as food and pots and pans. Stuff you collect, such as pottery and cookbooks. Stuff that seems to multiply overnight, such as bills, recyclables, and rubber bands. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to help you store your stuff -- and quickly retrieve it. Check out the following custom cabinetry ideas, easy-to-install products, no-install containers, and tips about organizing that will help whip your kitchen into shape.

1. Bring the pantry closer to you. A pullout pantry system has wire shelf sides that prevent items from falling out and allow easy viewing of the contents. Pullout pantry systems, especially those that extend into toe-kick space near the floor, must be installed perfectly level and plumb to operate smoothly.

2. Take cabinets to the top. If you're planning for new cabinetry, choose designs that reach the ceiling rather than those topped by a soffit. Although high-rise storage is more difficult to reach, it can conveniently conceal infrequently used items.

3. Specify upper cabinets that rest on the countertop. Shelves positioned between your shoulders and waist require no reaching to store stacks of dinnerware.

4. Shift dry goods into airtight, stackable containers. Often, packaged food products can be stored more compactly when transferred from their packaging into stacking containers.

5. Install a wire wall grid to keep kitchen tools handy. Turn a bare section of wall into a hook-and-hang center. For more storage, add accessories, such as spice racks and cookbook holders.

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