Thursday, March 29, 2012

At Home, and Not

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It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood . . .

So Howard took his big scary camera outside early this bright sunny morning,
and snapped a few of our spring blooms in the act of, well, blooming.
 Who doesn't love hyacinths?

Dreamy colors, and a fabulous scent.

Down the border a bit, we find these:
"Hey, Bud . . . you're gonna be a yellow tulip!"

A little rose bush is blushing up its leaves.

No action from the grape vines yet; they are slow starters,
but once they get going, get out of their way.

Inside the house, in the sunroom, my Christmas cactus plants continue to suffer from identity crisis-es.
 These dudes bloomed at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Easter.
They need a new union.

This wire patio set is going to the booth, and I've decided to give it a new, fresh
coat of paint to help it stand up to the elements, so it can live in plein air,
which is a fancy French art term for "outside."
In the meantime, the set is looking rustic and inviting, on the driveway level above The Old House.

And now, I'm off for a day of thrifting and antiquing with
my friend Emily.  Who knows where we'll go?
We hope Merlin, the GPS, will have some good ideas.

Have a lovely Thursday!  -- Cass 

P.S.  Don't tell Howard, but I think cleaning out the perennial borders is on our "to-do" list
for this weekend.  Who knows what we'll find under all the old garden schmutz.


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