Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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So I did something I have never done before.  
I bought two chairs from an on-line estate sale.  
I admired them all last week and just as the auction was about to end on Sunday afternoon, 
I got into a bit of a bidding war.  
You know how that is, right?  
You're pretty sure you want something and then as soon as you find out others want it too, game on!
I paid a little more than I originally planned, but it was still not much. 

Introducing, the twins........

I plan to have them either reupholstered or perhaps slipcovered in a linen like fabric.
I love the lines of the chairs, but I want to de-formalize them.  Is that a word, de-formalize?
Anyway, I think slipcovering them would give them the casual feel I'm looking for. 

Something like this beautiful Restoration Hardware chair. 

Or upholstered in a beautiful fabric, similar to this one.  
I love everything Lauren Liess designs. 

This is the sofa I am thinking of for our family room.  
I would love to use the twins in this room as well. 
However, I'm afraid they may be a tad too formal, even slipcovered, for this room.  
Help a girl out.  What do you think?  Be honest, I can take it.  
I still love the chairs and if I don't use them in the family room, 
I tend to hang on to them until I find a place for them. 

Yes, I am aware that I have a chair problem. 
The twins will join the thrift store chair in the basement for now 
until I decide what to do with them.  
Apparently, my chair problem is bigger than I thought, 
I have even resorted to naming them.  Surely there's a support group out there for this issue?


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