Friday, March 23, 2012

Drop Dead Gorgeous

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What is it about old Drop Leaf Tables?
I'm nuts about them.
I think a lot of other people are, too.

They are so practical, modestly slipping their slim silhouettes into narrow spots in our houses,
but then bursting out, triumphantly, with their wings unfurled to pitch in at parties and shindigs.

They are the "We need more table space, stat!" heroes of the furniture world.  

The first thing I sold in my antiques booth
last November was a much-used cherry drop leaf table.
With a few issues.
But someone took it home, with all its scars and boo-boos, and I hope is still lovin' it.

I have an old cherry drop leaf table next to the sofa in our study.
Howard and I bought it many years ago in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, when we lived in Pittsburgh,
and it has served us as a kitchen table, a bedroom night stand, an entry table, a living room end table,
and now it holds a lamp, coasters, magazines and books in a cozy nook.

Upstairs in the Pink Bedroom, there's an Empire flame mahogany drop leaf table that I'm not yet sure what to do with.
It's got one large leaf, and becomes a lovely generous 5-legged square when that leaf is up.
It could be a card table, but I think it is a little large for that.
I have pink towels for overnight guests piled on the top, so I didn't take a picture of the whole table.

(Yes, we make our guests use a slop jar . . . . anything for antique authenticity.)

There is a drop leaf table that I would love to
sling into the back of my trusty red minivan and haul home.

It lives in Virginia, and I saw it this past weekend at my niece Emily's antiques booth.

Square legs.  It has square legs, love them, and a drawer that just hollers "Empire!"
And fabulous wide board leaves.

But last week in Virginia, I already had a drop leaf table in my minivan,
one that I'd gotten at an auction Thursday night in Richmond at Alexander's auction house.
That one is still upside down in my minivan; it will be going to my booth, probably tomorrow.
You know, when I clicked "Auto Correct" in the photo program on the computer, I was hoping
it would mask out the wrapping papers and moving blankets scattered around the back of the minivan.
It did not.  Useless.
 I don't often see acanthus carved legs, so I really wanted this table.
 The wood you see behind that leg, above,
is the top to this, below, which is also reclining in the van:
Another auction "win" for me, but that's a whole 'nother tale.
Anyway, if you are in Virginia and wondering what to do around Ashland, go visit
Hickory Creek Antiques on England Street.  Emily's booth, Ha'Penny Vintage,
is the second on the left as you enter. You'll know it because it's the nicest.  I am not at all biased.  Really.

Emily's Ha'Penny Vintage blog is here.
On this warm and sunny Friday, I'm off to Philadelphia with my sister.
Play nice while I'm gone! -- Cass

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