Monday, March 26, 2012

Puppy Update: Hope's 2nd Post

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Happy Monday everyone! I have a special guest little English Creme Golden Retriever, Hope!  This is her second blog post- you can read her first one here.

Hi! I'm Hope.
Since my last post on Michaela's blog, I've grown a lot! My favorite toy is my squeaky fox and duck.  Right now I love to jump on new people, but my family doesn't seem to like it.  They're trying to "clicker" train me, and boy do I like the sound of that clicker {But not as much as the treats they give me!} 

Since my mama is training me to be a therapy dog, she's teaching me how to interact with people who may be in hospital settings.  This month I've learned "paws up" which is when I'm allowed to only put both paws up on someone's lap to say hello. I also learned "head on lap" which is when I have to rest my head on her lap {and hold it there until I get my treat!}  I'm getting better at going on walks and playing nicely with other dog friends at puppy social class I go to every Saturday. I'm a very confident dog and like to show others that I'm the boss...but my family is helping me realize I'm not always the top dog :)

Here are some of my favorite things to do:

Going to lunch with my family and looking cute on the patio...

Going on car trips...

Taking care of the Pre-Wash cycle for the dishes...

Laying on my blanket and chewing all my fun toys...

Sitting on mama's lap at Starbucks...

And looking like a puppy model in the middle of the street on a walk.  I just can't leave sticks alone!

I know, I'm cute. My family tells me every day :)
Thanks for reading...Have a great Monday! 
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