Friday, March 9, 2012

A Wedding Shower Present Idea

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Spring is just around the corner and that means so is wedding season.  I have an idea that I've been meaning to share with you for a bridal shower gift.  Long ago a friend gave me this idea and I thought it was fantastic.  Funny thing is I have never actually given it.  I have been in the lull between attending showers for my friends and attending showers for my children and their friends and haven't been to very many showers for years so I had no place to use the idea.  However being the helpful person that I am, I thought I would pass it on to you.

Wouldn't it be fun to give a set of seasonal tea towels to a young bride in your life.  It would be a practical gift, one that doesn't matter if there are duplicates, and one that would help the new couple add a bit of decoration to their home.  The trickiest part of this gift is that you need to plan ahead.  As each celebration rolls around then you need to buy a few tea towels - maybe even in the sales after the special day is over.  As the year progresses and you collect each celebration you end up with a complete collection to give.   You could also collect other things such as placemats, serviettes, and napkin rings to help set a festive table.

I took some pictures of my seasonal tea towels - because honestly what's a post without photos -  but when I got my tea towels out to take pictures of them I realized that many of them are past their finest and are a bit worn and faded.  Anyway it gives you the idea.

The different tea towels I have include one for St. Patrick's Day and several for spring/Easter.

I don't really have any for the summer per se, but I have a back-to-school tea towel, and of course, several Hallowe'en tea towels.

I also have many Christmas tea towels and one Valentine's Day one.

What seasonal tea towels do you have?  Wouldn't they have been a fun gift to receive when you were first starting out.
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