Thursday, March 29, 2012

5th Grade Science Fair!

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Well, this is my third time through the 5th grade. I honestly don't remember much from the first time. A few years ago, through my daughter, was the second time....alas, if all goes well, my son will be the third and final time.

I need to work with my son on my our his Science Fair project. I tried to get the teacher (through my son's persuasion) to let us him recycle present the project I my daughter made a few years earlier. No such luck.

This year, it's a Mousetrap Car! Energy, motion, blah, blah, blah... Here is an example of what we will be working on

It is 100% my son! Wheels, cars, movement. He will be answering the question "Will a larger mousetrap power a car further than a smaller mousetrap?". If by some miracle you can't figure out the answer to that question...stay tuned, and I will let you know how the trials go... After we build them, of course.

What grade are you in?


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