Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Crushin' On...

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This boy:
Yep, I've been sly in mentioning him on the blog over the last few weeks, but that's just because I thought I'd ease you into meeting him. Today I'm just going to come out and say it...I have a boyfriend and he's really cute :) Now that it's blog official, I'll give you a little back story on how we met!

His sister was a teacher at my high school, and we became really close my senior year when she and her husband had their first baby.  I adored her and really looked up to their little family. Then I moved away to college and just this past summer, I really reconnected with their family. She would always mention to me that she had a brother who lived in Michigan, but that it was a long way a way and she wasn't sure when he'd be out for a visit.  Well, last Thanksgiving her whole family came into town and she set her brother and I up! Turns out she was right and we hit off very well! All of that to say that yes, we're in a very long distance relationship. Michigan----------> Seattle/California. BUT, we happen to think it's awesome because we really get to know each other well. Because we don't have the luxury of simply having movie nights, we're constantly talking and communicating. It's been a great foundation to our relationship.

This past week he flew to California for my Spring Break and we we able to spend 5 days together! It was wonderful. Just so you know how great of a guy he is- aside from the many qualities I adore about him, he also took note of my favorite store and brought me the cutest shirt from Anthropologie as a present :) 

He's the one who sent me these beautiful flowers.  He knows me well + purple + a thoughtful note = happy girl

And then to say thank you, I sent him a little gift I thought you bloggers would appreciate... A message in a bottle! The bottle can double as a vegetable oil jar (he loves cooking!) I thought it was the perfect dose of cheesy and romantic :)
Don't you love my directions?! Hehe;)
Now you come in. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? And what are some ways to have fun with it/ make the time in between visits go by faster?! Any advice is tell!

Happy Thursday!


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