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City life...


Dear readers,
I had hoped to show you some new decorating ideas that have been brewing in my head for a while, but as I have not yet had the time to transfer my ideas into my hands, today's blog post will feature some photos from a stroll around Bath about a month ago.

The Royal Crescent, Bath, UK

We live only 16 km (10 miles) outside of this stunning Roman city, yet I go in much too seldom!

Pulteney Bridge , Bath, UK

Wherever you turn your head, your eyes are invited to feast on stunning architecture, glorious views and inviting little shops and restaurants. The sand-coloured Bath Stone seems to enhance the majestic lines of some of Bath's many impressive buildings.

Bath is also know for its thermal baths, and the new Thermal Spa is a stone's throw away from the Roman Baths (whose oldest parts date back to 60-70 AD!), as is the 200-year old Royal Mineral Water Hospital, today known as the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases. 

Tempted to move here? Well, be prepared to cough up a substantial amount of Sterling, as Bath is allegedly second only to London as for sigh-worthy property price tags.

And just as you are strolling around, enjoying the hilly, green views, 
you may just spot an unexpected palm tree or two!

And here and there you may see a cheerful, seasonal window display, as for example in this oh-so-lovely interior cum clothes shop cum café, where I have been known to dribble and drool over an armchair or two. 

I think my next post might have a bit of a sheepish tone to it, so welcome to join me and some woolly wonders next time.

Thank you for visiting and a special thank you to those of you taking the time to leave such kind comments. I appreciate every word!



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