Monday, March 12, 2012

Craigslist Frustrations!!

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I am so anxious to get started on my next project....the all white foyer. If you are thinking, "haven't you started that yet?"... I hear you in my head! This is the problem....I need a demilune table. I have a beautiful shelf that hangs on the wall.

The problem is that baseboard heat. It keeps the shelf too high...and it drives me nuts! So, I want a table I can cut the back legs off, and have it at the proper height. The reason why I need to find this first, is because I am installing custom molding that will hopefully look something like this

It would be smart to have all the furniture first. That way, I can incorporate any cleats that the table would require into the design. Now for the Craigslist frustration. Seller's think it's retail. much would you pay for this table?

image 0

It is a beautiful piece, and clearly's $1,000. OK, I can't buy this in a store for that (It's Baker), but if I was going to spend 1K.....this is not what I would spend it on.

This one

image 2

Also $1,000. So frustrating. This one is not bad, and at $250 (it's Henredon), it is a fair price

image 1

However, it is too large for my space.

So, this is my strongest contender

image 0

It's a bit of a drive from my house (looks like my friend, Lisa is coming)...that's how Craigslist works. What do you think? Would you paint it? If so, what color?

On another note...I can't get this one out of my head. I want it in the worst way!

image 0

It is too big, and won't fit ANYWHERE in my home. I have measured so many times!! BUT, if painted white, it would feel very "Palm Beach".


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