Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Friday...

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Dear Friday, I'm really glad you're here. The past week has been a whirlwind and today I can breathe, relax and spend time with family and the pup. Dear California, I'm not too happy with your choice in weather for my "Spring break". Don't you know I get enough rain on a daily basis in Seattle? Is one day of 75 degree weather too much to ask? ;) Dear Seattle, we have one month left together before I move home and it's bittersweet, let me tell ya.  Remind me to savor what you have to offer me! Dear Tea, you save my life each and every day. Dear Hope, you are the cutest white ball of fluff I've ever seen. You're really good at shaking hands, jumping clear over the couch, and ringing your bell to let us know you have to go outside {and now when you're hungry...or just to let us know you're there!}  Dear Lilac-Colored Jeans, I like you quite a bit. If it wasn't so obvious, I'd wear you every day. Thank you for adding spring color to my wardrobe! Dear Boy, we get to spend the week together this week....I can't wait to see you! Dear Dessert, you are divine.  Let's show Boy how delicious you are this weekend, because as of now he's not a huge fan. We will change that, promiseDear Design, you fill me with joy- thanks for letting me use you as my creative outlet.  Dear God, thank you for blessing me in ways I couldn't even imagine. Thank you for the hard times, too, because they build character.

Oh PS....Dear Chevron, I think it's clear I love you. I predict you're sticking around for quite some time.
I'm linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters. Join in the fun :)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to share about mine next week.


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