Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday' The Garden...Time to Transplant & Fertilize

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Hello and welcome back...I't Friday, so I'm in the garden.

This week I decided to focus on my lawn. I went to Home Depot, where I was lucky enough to stumble upon the representative form Scotts (the lawn product co.). I overheard him giving instructions to a seemingly confused older gentleman. When they were done, I asked him for the Cliff Notes....long story short, it is super confusing. I'll try to break it down. Do this now

This is a crabgrass preventative and needs to go down on DRY grass and NO RAIN FOR 48hrs. In 6-8 weeks (and this is where he was losing me), the weed killer needs to go down on WET GRASS. OK, wet grass is considered after morning dew, easy enough. The 6-8 week range is determined by how the weeds are growing at your house. You need to have weeds present, to kill them???? Yeah, I'll let you know when I do mine.

Onto more fun is the perfect time to transplant any bushes, or perennials that you want in another location. If it is something that is about to bloom, I would wait until just after that bloom. This is an Endless Summer hydrangea "The Original".

This is what it looks like when it is blooming

Not my yard

Mine is located too close to another one, and I want to move it. When I dug up the root-ball, I found this

An offshoot of a new plant. I am going to separate the two before I transplant them. Using a sharp knife, this is a drywall knife

cut down the middle of the two

...and you will have a new plant

I transplanted the larger plant here, behind the roses, in-between the evergreens.

I'll walk around my yard and find a spot for the other little one. On another note, Buster came home and is doing well.

Thank you, everyone, it was so nice to read all your good wishes. We do love our pets!


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