Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's in The Garden......Roses & Starbucks

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Welcome back to my series,

This was an exciting week for me because my bareroot roses arrived. I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial along with illustrated images (via Sunset). This is how they arrived

Inside all that packaging

It is best to soak them in water for a day, or so

Dig the hole...try to make a cone shape that the root structure can rest on

Because real gardens are not like the perfect illustrations...or as you see in "Martha's" yard, cut any roots that are in the way

Spread the roots out over the cone. Make sure that the graft (the bump where the branches begin) is at or above the soil level. This depends on what zone you are in and if you plan on mulching. I place mine just above the soil line.

Gently backfill the hole with soil

Notice that there is a well around the plant and the some of the roots are still showing....I'm not done yet. Time to give it a good drink of water. This will remove any airpockest that may have formed

Add more soil and gently press it around the roots

There is that graft I mentioned. Because these roses grow 3-4 feet wide, I want to plant them approximately 36" on center. That way, I will have a full lush row of white roses.

And now it is Starbucks time....not for me...for the roses. This is about 10 pounds of used coffee grinds (and some filters)'s FREE!! Starbucks will saved used coffee grinds for you. The program is called Grounds for Gardeners.

Mine did not come in a cute package like they advertise. All the better, because I asked for an entire day's worth....Please! They saved it for me, and this is how I use it; a few shovels full around the roses

I work it into the soil

WARNING....THIS IS CAFFEINE AND CAN HARM YOUR DOG!!!! Because of this, I only use a small amount in the back yard. I use a lot in the front. Cover the plants with mulch

And wait! Happy Gardening.


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