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From Spring & Easter decorations, silhouettes and some new soldering

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Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers! I can't believe it's already 5 weeks since my last post, the time is flying by too fast over here and Spring is always a busy time in the house and in the garden. Today I'd like to share some Spring and Easter decoration and inspiration with you.
Of couse the bunnies have to make an apperance at this time of the year. Above is my small collection of vintage candy box bunny containers and below again with some fresh Spring tulips arranged on an old silver tray:

Here you see them again but from a wider angle with more background of my parlor:

A close up of the glassbox of treasures decorated for Spring:

And another sweet bunny nesting in a white paper maché egg:

and one under a glass dome:

With the bunnies came out my vintage putz sheep like this cute pair with the red collars:

and more Spring tulips. From February on I treat myself to a bouquet of  fresh tulips every weekend until they'll start blooming in my garden pots and borders:

Soft and deep pink, purple and white are my favorite tulip colors inside and outside.

Another bunny resides under another glass cloche along with some quail eggs and an Easter flash card in the tarnishes silver bowl:

and here is another lamb between a pair of hand painted chicken eggs:

and this one stands in front of a mirror decorated with vintage Easter postcards and flash cards:

The transom room divider window is decorated with my silver glitter Happy Easter banner from my friend Madai - see how silver it still is against the Boxwood Cottage banner above it which is dark and tarnished from hanging there all year round. The big pink foil egg container is a vintage flea market find

and so are all the old Easter postcards in this garland:

My favorite piece to decorate for any season, so Easter is no exception, is my white mantle:

I'm deeply in love with my plaster bunnies made out of vintage tin chocolate molds. Two of them are made by my talented friend Anja of Matildas Design in Munich. 
This year I also had to decorate some white goose eggs with cut out black bunny silhouettes and I like them so much that I think I'll make some more, what do you think? 
In the middle is another pair of vintage putz sheep this time with blue collars:

I always find it more fun having a pair of each kind wether it's candle sticks, or flower pots, or eggs, or bunnies, birdies and sheep so you can decorate them parallel to each other like I did here on the mantle.

Close ups of my silhouette goose eggs left and right on the mantle

Talking about silhouettes I also rearranged my collection of black framed vintage cut out silhouettes (German Scherenschnitte) in my old transom door lately,

since I got send that pretty round silhouette picture with the beautiful domed glass, hanging in the middle, from my flickr friend Sue and because it had no frame I framed it in silver solder scallops. I find it very springy looking with the girls in dresses picking flowers from the meadow:

I also soldered a whole bunch of springy double bubble charms:

Since I'm not sure if I'll get around to post again before Easter ( the garden is calling me you kow and we have my mom's birthday coming up and a big family reunion which I organised on Easter Saturday) I'd like to wish you all very happy Easter days with my last picture for today:

 The weather is beautifully sunny here lately and my next April post will be a Spring garden themed one that's for sure! I hope you all have warm Spring weather to enjoy too!

xoxo~ Carola

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