Sunday, March 25, 2012

Guest Bedroom ~Plates and Frames

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I always struggle with the accessories part of decorating a room. I usually end up trying a few things before I settle (or just plain give up!)

Our basement guest bedroom is currently getting a makeover and I shared a painted desk here, a Pottery Barn look alike paned mirror here and some progress here. The wall between the walk in closet and the bedroom door will eventually have a small flat screen TV on a little bookcase but for now it it has a honky big tube TV sitting on the floor. Despite the TV mess below, I still wanted to decorate the wall and after several attempts I think this trio of frames might work.

The frames are looking very gold in today's challenging light, but the colour of the matching mirrors, above, is much closer to their true colour.

A few years ago I bought these three frames, and two larger matching frames that I had made into mirrors, on clearance at Michaels for $2 for the 10 x 13 size and $3 for the larger frames (they were originally marked $40 and $60 EACH!) The white plates were from Home Sense clearance and cost less than $2 each.

Crocheted lace edging was used to tie the plates to the frame. I still think something needs to be added above them. I have a chippy white iron scroll piece that I might try here. It is not a tall wall as there is duct work above.

I neglected to take a wider shot (maybe I was just subconsciously avoiding showing the TV and wires sitting on the floor and the unfinished painting of trim and doors) but do you think this is working?

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