Monday, March 26, 2012

Injured On The (Really Fun) Job

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Well, I planned a Monday post.
But instead, I'm going to join my daughter Anne at her apartment.

Anne is among the walking wounded, sporting a sling on her right arm,
an ice pack, anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

She was injured in the line of duty, and now needs a little temporary help.
Anne's been working as an assistant to the designer for the Broadway revival of
which opened in previews the week before last.  I didn't realize all the the tweaking
that goes on during previews, including some wardrobe changes.
We should have known she'd go into costume design as a career.
Annie spent Friday and Saturday hauling heavy bags of clothing, shoes, and other wardrobe items
all over New York City, returning or exchanging them.  By Sunday afternoon, her right shoulder was sore.
Then it got worse.  And worse.  By Monday morning, when she saw a doctor,
she was diagnosed with something I can't spell, but it means swelling and pain and now -- rest.
Anne in Germany
So I'm off to give what assistance I can.
And to hear more tales of Broadway backstage!
Demonstrating scarecrow makeup last Fall for her undergrad students.
See you tomorrow!  -- Cass


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