Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mystery Glass And A Peacock's (Fill In The Rhyming Body Part)

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Do you know what kind of glass this is?
Neither do I.

It used to belong to my friend Emily's grandmother.

 It's white, opaque, and once upon a time it was decoratively painted.

And it looks as if it had a stopper.  Which makes it some sort of bottle or decanter.

 Lots of raised design.

Clearly, it has seen better days, but it has -- for me -- real charm.
What could I put in it?

There are sculpture gardens around Princeton, New Jersey.
Some pretty fierce critters roam there, inspiring fear in all.

You don't believe me?  Check this out, and don't blame me if you have nightmares from the terror:
A Peacock, strolling past a window.  He lulls us into a false sense of safety.

He looks as harmless and delicate as a supermodel on the runway.
 He's got his Baby Mama with him, and he's feeling pretty, well, pea-cocky.

But he espies intruders, and launches his terrifying defensive maneuvers.
 "I open my giant tail, and shake it at you."
 "Why do you not run away
from the hundreds of quivering eyes?"

Then, disaster.
A chance gust of wind, and our Hero's defenses flip around, and he finds himself mooning the intruders.

There is no recourse now but to retreat to the safety of a gazebo rooftop,
to nurse hurt feelings in the wake of such humiliation.

He must leave the defense of the homeland to Lars, his ne'er-do-well cousin.

Lars decides to skip the whole shake-my-scary-tail-at-you routine,
and go get a Carvel.
And if you don't know what "getting a Carvel" means, you did not grow up around here.
But we won't hold that against you.
Thanks to Alida and Josh, for the peacock pictures, from March 2011,
when they were in New Jersey to plan their June 2011 wedding.  Nice work, kids!  -- Cass

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