Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Webster Jumps Through Hoops for Treats

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My new device of torture arrived yesterday and I think I'm going to love it. Webster is a little scared of it though. He watched me and all of my failed attempts to get it going yesterday and he knows to watch out when it falls to the ground. I did manage 49 consecutive twirls with this 4 pound weighted hula hoop. A friend of mine has a daughter who swears by hers. I ordered it less than a week ago for $38 and I think it's going to be perfect when I master getting it going for 15 minutes straight. I'm told this will take about 2 weeks.
Webster stood on the other side of the kitchen opening and barked and barked and stuck his head through and pulled it back a number of times before finally being unable to resist a Trader Joe's biscuit. Isn't he brave?

I can just hear what he's thinking now that he has retired to the vestibule: "I hope the thing won't fit in this small space so I can nap in peace."


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